Under the Sea Custom Mermaid Birthday Invitation

This lovely Mermaid Invitation from Delight Invite is a “sea” of wonder to behold!  Delight Invite knows that most little girls dream of being a mermaid, discovering ancient treasures and making new friends underwater…Delight Invite’s vibrant “Under the Sea Adventure” original design exquisitely captures her aquatic vision! Colorful grinning fish, friendly octopus, charming sea turtles and a lovely, laughing mermaid unfurling a scroll…

Your party goers will revel in the brilliant detail of this custom Mermaid invitation. Delight Invite will even customize the hair/skin/eye color of your little mermaid! Each invitation is printed on lustrous shimmer paper and artfully hand-mounted on thick Stardream card stock. Be sure to take notice of the precious matching envelopes! The cute little sea turtle adorned with a party hat and gifts, accompanies your return address on the front of your envelopes. Also behold the joyful little crab atop the treasure chest while grasping a balloon with your child’s age! Who can resist this exclusive and unique custom Mermaid birthday party invite!

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Mardi Gras Masquerade Birthday Invitation

Not everyone can attend New Orlean’s most lavish celebration of the year…Mardi Gras! But one look at Delight Invite’s dazzling Mardi Gras-themed party invitation design, and you’ll be instantly transported.

The sumptious shades of deep rich purples, radiant emerald greens, and brilliant golds is awe-inspiring. The exquisitely detailed masquerade ball mask, as well as the sparkling beads and gleaming balloon ribbons that appear to float off the page, is another example of why Delight Invite’s unique Mardi Gras design is so highly in demand!

This Mardi Gras Masquerade invitation design is printed on lustrous shimmer paper and artfully hand-mounted of beautiful gold card stock. These invitations come with gorgeous matching Mardi Gras themed, 100% recycled Euroflap envelopes. If you are interested in purchasing this design for your upcoming event, please CLICK HERE!

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Special Birthday Invitation

The various shades of vibrant pinks for our “Berry Special” birthday party invitation are so tantalizing you may find yourself reaching for a strawberry to pluck off the page! Delight Invite joyfully captures the essence of the beloved & iconic Strawberry Shortcake as she sits, perfectly poised, atop a luminous white flower. And unlike other invitations, Delight Invite’s singular creativity & vision extends to their envelopes as well! Notice the lavishly frosted cupcake that appears on the front of the envelope! It’s so berry wonderful,  it beckons you to take a bite!

This Strawberry Shortcake invitation is printed on beautiful 105# shimmer card stock and each invite is artfully hand-mounted on dark pink sparkly Stardream paper. Delight Invite offers an exclusive Strawberry Shortcake design on high-quality 100% recycled Euroflap envelopes.

If you would like to order these preciously perfect Strawberry Shortcake invites, please CLICK HERE to view!

1950’s Retro Pin-Up Bachelorette Party Invitation!

Bachelorette Party Retro Invitation

Mid-century Modern style & sophistication is everywhere! And it seems everybody is buzzing about a certain Retro-inspired television drama. So, why not honor the bride-to-be with a glamorously sexy & elegant bachlorette fete!

Our alluring martini-toting, cocktail-gowned, scarlet-lipped heroine with dramatically chic 60’s updo will inspire friends & family to dress up & be decadent…

This custom retro Bachelorette party invitation can be customized with the hair/skin/eye color of your bride-to-be. Dazzle your party-goers with this beautiful design which is printed on shimmer Stardream paper and is artfully hand-mounted on 110# sparkly black card stock.

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Retro Bowling Party Birthday Invitation!

You’ll strike the perfect score with our Retro-inspired Bowling birthday party invitation! Our lustrous signature Stardream Shimmer paper also adds a touch of glamour to your invite. Friends & family will be “bowled over” with these totally unique and custom Bowling Party invitations.

Delight Invite offers this invite in many different colors…pink, purple, tiffany blue, turquoise…or whatever shade you desire! There are adorable custom envelopes with your child’s age artfully inserted into the cute bowling pin. If you would like to order these exclusive Bowling Invites, please click here!

Custom Bollywood Birthday Invitation Design

Custom Bollywood Birthday Invitation

Saffron & cardamom floats in the spiced & fragrant amber-hued air of the vibrant markets of India…Delight Invite’s “Bollywood Birthday” design evokes such sensual imagery.

Hosting a Bollywood-themed bash allows for guests’ imagination to soar! Delight Invite brilliantly captures the exotic essence of India with their one-of-a-kind concept & design. Nowhere else will one discover such artfully-executed & original illustrations. Each invitation is artfully hand-mounted on luxurious gold paper.

Please click here to find out more about this exotic Bollywood invite.


Baby Shower Tea Party Shower Invitation


Is there anything more heartwarming than a cup of tea? Why, a new baby of course! So, why not combine the two! Only Delight Invite would envision something as charming & timeless as a tea party to celebrate the arrival of Baby.

With  a gorgeous, Victorian flock paper pattern design as backdrop and a precious, doe-eyed baby, nestled inside a tea cup…friends & family will be cooing and sighing long before the precious bundle arrives!

These adorable Tea-Shower invitations are printed on shimmer Stardream paper and they are artfully hand-mounted on gorgeous dark pink glitter 110# card stock. We will customize the precious baby in the tea cup with hair/skin/eye color of your choice! Please click on link below to order this invitation:

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Whimsical Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Invitation


Let’s take a moment to admire one of Delight Invite’s most coveted Bridal Shower announcements. A beguiling bride-to-be in peaceful repose as a dove prepares to alight on her radiant shoulders…

Customize your bride-to-be with her hair,eye, skin color! This Bridal Shower invite is printed on beautiful shimmer Stardream paper and artfully hand-mounted on 110# sparkly purple paper. Please click on link below to purchase this Bridal Shower invitation:

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Summer is almost here, meaning there will be many weddings to attend! Delight Invite is the perfect choice for all of your wedding wishes…

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Pinup Retro Rockabilly Bachelorette Invitation

Pinup Retro Rockabilly Bachelorette Invitation

She’s sexy…Sweet …And a little bit sassy. And now, she’s getting married! Celebrate the occasion by having a Retro Pin-up inspired bachelorette party! Vintage, pin-up style is all the rage now, and no one knows Retro Glamour like Delight Invite! Marvel at our seductively posed pin-up beauty, wearing delicate hot pink garters & netted stockings. The perfect vintage vamp for the perfect future bride!  Whether the bride-to-be is raven-haired or brilliantly blonde, don’t fret, Delight Invite’s designers will cheerfully customize your invitation to your specific requests.

This design is printed on a high quality shimmer Stardream paper, carefully hand-mounted on to a thick card stock and comes with white A-9 Euroflap 100% recycled matching envelopes.

You can order this invitation at the link below or check our website for many other wonderful designs!


Adorable Barnyard Invitation

Barnyard Baby Shower invitation
Friends and family will be “moo-ved” by this adorable new baby shower announcement from Delight Invite. Sweet and winsome farm animals gather in front of a white picket fence to herald Baby’s arrival. The unique charm of our original, one-of-a-kind illustrations and the unparalleled quality of our signature Stardream Shimmer paper, makes this whimsical invite the perfect choice for your perfect bundle of joy!

This design is printed on a high quality shimmer Stardream paper, carefully hand-mounted on to a thick card stock and comes with white A-9 Eurofllap, 100% recycled, matching envelopes.

You can order this invitation at the link below or check our website for many other wonderful designs!