Under the Sea Custom Mermaid Birthday Invitation

This lovely Mermaid Invitation from Delight Invite is a “sea” of wonder to behold!  Delight Invite knows that most little girls dream of being a mermaid, discovering ancient treasures and making new friends underwater…Delight Invite’s vibrant “Under the Sea Adventure” original design exquisitely captures her aquatic vision! Colorful grinning fish, friendly octopus, charming sea turtles and a lovely, laughing mermaid unfurling a scroll…

Your party goers will revel in the brilliant detail of this custom Mermaid invitation. Delight Invite will even customize the hair/skin/eye color of your little mermaid! Each invitation is printed on lustrous shimmer paper and artfully hand-mounted on thick Stardream card stock. Be sure to take notice of the precious matching envelopes! The cute little sea turtle adorned with a party hat and gifts, accompanies your return address on the front of your envelopes. Also behold the joyful little crab atop the treasure chest while grasping a balloon with your child’s age! Who can resist this exclusive and unique custom Mermaid birthday party invite!

If you would like to order this invite, please CLICK HERE!

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