2014 Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday Photo Cards are more popular than ever! Let’s face it…people just want to see a photo of you, your adorable kids, and even your pets! We skim over the piles of cards that don’t have photos and give all of our attention to those bright and happy faces looking up at us from the adorable holiday photo cards! We even hang them up and display these holiday photo cards as a part of our holiday decorations.

Why not be the most swooned over and envied card in the group when you send a custom Holiday Photo Card from Delight Invite! We are different because we print on beautiful shimmer paper and hand-mount each photo card on gorgeous 120# metallic card stock! Why order from those other sites that print over seas? They jack up their prices and send those 40% off coupons so you think you are getting a great deal. The thing is…these huge companies do have some cute designs, but everyone is sending the same cards. Your family and friends will be so excited to get your holiday photo card from Delight Invite because they will not receive another one remotely similar and they certainly will not receive any other photo card that is printed on gorgeous shimmer paper and hand-mounted on thick metallic card stock.

Please click on http://delightinvite.com/holiday-holiday-photo-cards-c-65_91.html  to view all of our fabulous 2014 Holiday Photo Cards. Holiday_Photo_Cards_feature